Simply the Best – Father’s Day Presents That Are Better Than All the Rest

Have you ever considered that your dad might know more about you than you know yourself? He was probably there at your birth (or at least, not very far away!) and he saw you through your first few years, changing your nappy, wiping away your tears and tucking you into bed at night. He’ll even tell you where you were when you said your first words and took your first steps, and how cute you looked on your first day of school.

As we grow up, our dads take a practical role in our upbringing. Whereas our mum is there to give us the hugs and listen to our worries, dad is there to help with our homework, decorate our room and give us lifts in his car! Of course, dad is so fab that it’s sometimes easy to take a little advantage of his generosity along the way. The latest trend in family life is ‘kippers’ – Kids in parents’ pockets eroding retirement savings! We’re so comfortable in the family home that we stay around beyond our 20s and 30s, meaning poor mum and dad end up with less money for their retirement than they would otherwise have. Then there are boomerangs – kids who just can’t get enough of mum and dad that they keep on coming back for more!

Fortunately there are special days set aside in the year when we can give our thanks to our parents for all the sacrifices they have made for us. So when Mother’s Day comes around, we reach for the flowers. But when it comes to Fathers Day gifts, it’s never that easy. You really want to tell him he’s the best, but a cheap pair of cufflinks, a box of hankerchiefs or a car cleaning kit just never seem to cut the mustard. Well luckily, now there’s a range of Father’s Day presents that are so original and irresistible that your dad is certain to say they’re the best he’s ever had.

Tell Dad He’s Simply The Best

If you’re looking for Father’s Day presents that will make your dad feel like the star he is, look no further than the range of polished glass paperweights, beautifully designed to immortalise your messages of love and thanks. With messages such as ‘I love you daddy’ and ‘Dad you’re a star’ embedded within stunning colourful designs, he’ll have something from you to treasure for ever. If you want to surprise him with something even more unique, there are Fathers Day gifts that allow you to personalise your own message within an authentic recreation of a newspaper headline. The personalised Mirror headline gift offers you the chance to create your own ‘Father of the year’ article using personal details of your own dad – just the thing to stun him into silence on Father’s Day!

Special Gifts For Sporty Dads

Then there are Father’s Day presents which are quite simply every bit as special as he is, particularly if he’s a sports fan. For the avid golfer, what could be more special than their very own personally engraved brass golf putter to make them the envy of the golf course? There’s plenty to keep football crazy dads more than happy, such as the ‘ultimate football fan’ gift pack, containing everything he needs to keep him indulging his passion for hours, including his very own personalised football news story. And if he’s a motor racing fan, watch his reaction at the amazing zero gravity remote control car. Modelled in a choice of stunning red or black, this magical boys’ toy has the genius ability to defy gravity, driving up walls and even across ceilings!

Father’s Day Presents With A Difference

Of course, there are those that would say that the best Fathers Day gifts are ones you can’t even wrap. Particularly if he’s the kind of dad who has everything, experience days can make the perfect gift. This may just be the perfect opportunity to give him the thrill of a lifetime with a race around the Silverstone circuit in a Ferrari 360. Or if he’s still a young boy at heart and loves to get down and dirty in the mud, treat him to the dumper racing experience day, when he can charge across country on his own dumper truck, sharpening his skills and racing against the clock to beat his competitors! Experience days make fantastic Father’s Day gifts and don’t have to cost the earth, with a selection for under 50. Why not make an occasion of it and go for the photographic portrait gift pack? This is one way to give your special dad priceless memories of you and the rest of the family.

Personalized Baby Gifts – Memorable Baby Shower Presents For an Upcoming Baby

The birth of a baby is a blessing from above, that brings joy to the parents who have so many wishes and expectations for their little one. The baby’s coming can cause a celebration, that is why there is a so called “baby shower.” To welcome the upcoming little bundle of joy, there is a need of baby shower gifts as well. The gifts were given to help the new parents to prepare for the arrival of their newborn child. Finding baby shower gifts is both exciting and challenging. It is exciting because there is a lot of cute and adorable baby items to choose from, but it can also be challenging because you have to choose the best among the rest. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend too much of your budget just to give fancy lavish gift. Rather, a bit of creativity and effort is enough to come up with a memorable baby shower gift that can last for a lifetime.

Perhaps, one of the most popular ideal gift for an upcoming baby are personalized baby gifts. A great choice of personalized present can last longer and highly appreciated present by the parents. As a giver, you can personalized your chosen baby shower gift by engraving the child’s name, initials or birth date. By doing so, you created a wonderful keepsake that both the parents and baby would surely treasure for years to come and can even be passed to the ext generation.

There are may ways to personalize you baby shower gift. You can have done either at home or at specialty stores. Today, there is a vast variety of baby items that can be personalized according to your desire. There are also thousands of online stores where you can shop for personalized baby shower gifts, more easy and convenient.

Online stores carry so many unique choices of baby items as well as several customization services, depending on your request. These online shopping advantages can assist you to select the best baby shower present at no time. Another great thing about online shopping is that the prices of online products are less than what you will have to spend when you shop at nearby retail stores.

The expectant parents can also take advantage of online gift registry. They can register what they want to receive from their shower guests online. This will guide each guest about what type of gifts they need to present, as well as what items have already been purchased.

Going back to personalized baby shower gifts, another perfect suggestion is a personalized gift basket. Gift baskets are always well-received and highly appreciated by any recipient, how much more if they were made personalized? How would you like to see the expectant parents with a big smile on their faces receiving a bountiful gift basket at the shower party? With a personalized gift basket, you are sure to win their hearts. A personalized gift basket may also include personalized baby items such as embroidered baby blankets, clothes and other baby accessories. Also, you can add an engraved keepsake box, and some personalized stuffed animals and books.

Back to the Present

8, 10, 12, 14, 16. No, these are not the winning power-ball numbers. They are not the mysterious coordinates on ABC’s hit series Lost. It definitely is not the sequential math problem you’ve gotten wrong on the SAT. These are the clothes sizes in many women’s closets: past, present and ever future. Yes, many women have multiple wardrobes for multiple sizes. Maybe last spring you were a size twelve, by Halloween a size ten, by New Year’s Eve, a fourteen (thanks to holiday cookies and eggnog). A dieter’s weight can fluctuate like the New York Stock Exchange…buy now while it’s low.

Now that it’s summertime and some of us are stuck in the higher end sizes of our clothes spectrum, we are looking at our size ten pants in awe. We used to fit into that? Only a year ago? The waistline is so petite, looks like it would fit over one upper thigh today. And just to think, back then we took it all for granted. Some size ten women go around thinking they are huge. They feel they have to fit into the
“single digits” to look sexy. Some of us, yes guilty as charged, catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and think, “Are those my grandmother’s upper arms, or what?”

If you could only see how beautiful you are, you’d think you’ve must have been nuts for feeling that way. You must have looked great last summer and didn’t even know it.

Isn’t it amazing how size is in the eye of the beholder. Amazing how you can be thin, look stunning and still think you need to loose weight, that you are not good enough. It is frustrating and it seems endless. Do size zeros go through this, too? “Do these pants make my butt look big? I’m a size zero, but I really should to be in the “negative digits”, for my frame you know.”

And what would those negative sized women be thinking, “Oh, if only I was invisible, I wouldn’t have to worry about how my reflection looks in the mirror.”

Allow someone to pose this question–why can’t we see how perfect we are when we are there, right in the middle of our imperfect perfection. Why must years pass, pounds be put on, before we look back at our wardrobe, look back at a picture of ourselves we inadvertently find and say, “Wow, I was so fit, I was so beautiful. Why didn’t I know it back then?” If only we could go back in time and tell ourselves, “These are some of the best days of your life baby, enjoy them!”

Sometimes I wonder if what we do today will be tomorrow’s reflection. “Girlfriend, if only you knew how great you looked in the summer of ’09. You were fabulous that year.” How free would we feel. But, unfortunately, it seems that every day is like that yesterday. You know, that yesterday that says you’re not quite perfect enough. Everyday, no matter how fit or unfit we are, we think, “I would be happier if only I was ten pounds lighter, if only my waist was smaller, if only my stomach tighter, my arms more defined…”
And our unconditional love goes on and on.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could jump to the future just long enough to discover how fabulous we are today; then travel the space-time continuum at warp speed, go back to the present moment and say to
yourselves, “Indeed, you are fabulous today.”

Yes, let us go back to the present.

The present: A place where you don’t have multiple wardrobes for multiple sizes. You are just the size you are. There are no more size tens in your closet taunting you, no size eights telling you they miss you much, no size twelves giving you dirty looks, no size fourteens mocking the child-bearing hips.

Bait Rigs – The Best Way to Present Worms As Bait

When it comes to using live worms as bait for fishing there are some ways that are much more effective than others. This is what this article is about, the best way to present worms as bait. For the most part I’m referring to live worms, although these bait rigs also work well with synthetic worms such as Berkley Power Worms.

Let’s start by discussing the worm itself. What does a live worm look like? How does it move? What do you suppose it smells like to the fish? All of these questions need to be taken into account, especially when you want to present a worm as bait.

Ever since human beings have been fishing with worms they have been hooking a worm onto a hook and calling it good, and for the most part this method has worked. But what if you want to take your worm fishing to the next level? What if you want to avoid fish “stealing” your bait all the time? And what happens when you’re dealing with larger, more experienced fish? In all of these cases a better way of rigging your bait is called for.

The best way to present a worm as bait, whether that worm is live or manmade, is a set of gang hooks. A set of gang hooks is simply two small hooks, usually size 6 8 or 10, tied in tandem. This enables a worm to be presented in an outstretched and natural manner and helps to hook any ‘short striking’ fish. A set of gang hooks is one of the best bait rigs that can be used for worms.

With any bait rig where live bait is employed it’s also important to think about any scent that might be on the bait itself. You see, any unnatural scents that are on your hands will transfer to your bait. If fish detect these unnatural scents, they are less apt to bite. For this reason you always want to make sure that your hands are free of any unnatural scents. This can be accomplished by using scent sprays to mask any unnatural odors or by simply rubbing your hands in a handful of dirt before baiting up.